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Risk Management

Education  Services
Business Development

Program evaluation is offered for both existing and future programs to address all key variables and fixed infrastructure deployment required to assist a university in a ‘go/no-go’ decision on programs.

Key expertise is applied to new curriculum offerings as well as web-based course expansion.
Competitive Analysis

Comprehensive review of geographic competitor offerings is undertaken to assist universities in tuition/fee pricing decisions (both campus/satellite and web offerings).

Trend analysis for student growth and competitive risks in the marketplace are provided with a focus on a university’s mission-values and its target market.
Endowment Analysis

Thorough analysis of a university’s current endowment risk, potential risk, cost of management and growth opportunities is offered.

Endowment policy & how it is executed by investment management firms is extensively reviewed with a goal of making universities much smarter in their oversight of their endowment.

Due diligence of potential endowment management firms is also conducted as requested.
Accreditation Support

Specialized national curriculum accreditation (e.g. CACREP) support is provided by experienced PhD/EdD-level individuals to help elevate specific program marketability and graduate career credentials.

Regional accreditation (e.g. SACS) review preparation support is also available.

Evaluate Potential Students

Assist Students in US Entry Requirements

Prepare Students for Integration into US Accredited Institutions